"To Whom it May Concern

I have been a customer of Zenek Piersa / City and Suburbs Construction for many years. I have used them personally for smaller projects and for a large roof/deck reconstruction project on behalf of Dearborn Village V. They have always done a great, professional job within budget.

Of particular note was the large reconstruction project over multiple buildings. That was a particularly difficult repair to make due to the complexity of the building design. It took months of planning with an architect and Zenek to come up with a solution. Many of the lower units at the complex were subject to water leaks for years. They were first repaired by a different construction company to no avail. City and Suburbs fixed the problem and have regularly returned to the job site to perform follow up inspections.

Personally and as a Dearborn Village V board member, I highly recommend City and Suburbs Construction for the most complex repairs. Please feel free to call me at 312.933.7712 with any additional questions.""

Nick Andriacchi
Treasurer, DV V