"What do you look for in a contractor? Well, you want a contractor to:

  1. Start the project upon the agreed date
  2. Complete the project upon the agreed date
  3. Stay in budget
  4. Make suggestions or propose alternatives that you may not have considered
  5. Be responsive regarding those inevitable follow up items that need to be addressed

You get that from Zenek Piersa and his team. So far I have used him twice, in the fall of 2007 and the summer of 2008. In 2007 he and his team corrected leaking in my roof, addressed the water damage in a bedroom as a result of that leak, built me a great new deck out of composite material and did some other minor repairs. In 2008 Zenek Piersa and crew painted my whole house top to bottom, ceilings, woodwork, banisters, wall, the whole thing. They also refinished all of my wood floors plus some other repairs. Both times I was extremely pleased. Zenek Piersa and crew are very thorough. I will definitely use them for my next project."

Eileen F.