"Proud to submit a customer testimonial to Mr. Piersa: I recently moved my downtown office into a light industrial corridor near the United Center on the west side of Chicago. In doing so, the place we chose was in need of repair and the property owner was ammicable to enhancing the property. I called on Mr. Piersa, who I was told could help me with the miriad of work needed. As I too am in a service/trade industry, I was very impressed at how intent he listened to the needs I expressed and understood what we needed from the facility. He took those needs and drove cost effective solutions in a preofessional workmanlike manner. Improvements included adding a 2nd bathroom, re routing a water pipe which extended outdoors and fabricated an insulatin box (very creative,) created an electrical station to plug in my 23 Diesel trucks, completely renovated individual work spaces for 12 foreman, all electrical, drywall, painting and lighting. This was done at a fair price & high quality for what we were trying to achieve. I never doubted completion of a deadline or resonsivness. Mr. Piersa always checked in on his employees and insured satisfaction before submitting invoincing."

The Brickman Group Ltd.
Michael R. Beltz
Regional Manager